Monday, February 04, 2008

Race tightens.

Real Clear Politics shows Romney moving up in California and Georgia. McCain still seems unconcerned though and Huckabee is saying that he thinks Romney should drop out of the race. Seems like a ridiculous statement to me since Romney has been winning and Huckabee hasn't. Also, given Huck's downward movement in the polls and Romney's rise it is understandable that Romney has classified the contest as a two man race.

McCain meanwhile keeps desperately lunging to the right in an effort to keep the Republican base from waking up before it's too late. If he can keep enough of the true conservatives lulled then it will be either him or Hillary and he is certian that they will suck it up and vote GOP. McCain's biggest problem to date is that he is not a conservative and the nametag that he is wearing doesn't fit. Most people in the room realize that something is amiss if a big old biker man is wearing a tag that says, "Hi! My name is Julie." One has to wonder what is going on with the GOP base. Are we willing to trade principles for electibility?

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