Monday, April 28, 2008

Movie time!

Has anyone seen the movie Expelled? Mrs. Spiff and I went and saw it on Saturday on the recommendation of my in-laws. Excellent flick which I highly advise everyone to see as soon as possible.

Expelled is a documentary done by Ben Stein on the scientific controversy surrounding the theory of Intelligent Design. I have little information on Mr. Stein but I know he does a good job with the topic at hand. Most of what was covered I already knew or had surmised but seeing all the pieces put together was invaluable. Mr. Stein interviews several prominent Darwinists and it is fascinating to see the masks come off. These men and women truly have little to hide and no fear of retribution.

If you are looking for a movie defending Creationism then you will be disappointed. If you are concerned that there is discrimination against anyone not toeing the Darwin line then this is the movie for you to see. In my view it gets several thumbs up and is a must see for anyone, on either side of the debate, who values free exchange of ideas.

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