Monday, July 21, 2008

Paul Revere where are you?

I have come to the conclusion that we need a modern day Paul Revere. Someone to sound the alarm. To wake a sleeping populace to the danger that marches on them.

Paul warned the colonists of the danger of the British troops approaching. It was the middle of the night and the Redcoats were on the move in secret. The sleeping colonists were sitting ducks. We're in the same situation. Obama polls higher all the time. He is on the move. Christians and conservatives are sleeping. Some are considering voting for him. Where is the alarm?

Obama is proposing some of the most massive and invasive government expansion since the New Deal. Notwithstanding his recent nods to the unborn, he is not pro-life. Any judges he appoints will be liberal. He plans to lose the war in Iraq as well as put us in increased danger from radical Islamists. All of this is on the record. We as Americans should be terrified. We aren't. Why?

Some say that a McCain administration would not be what we are looking for. I for one agree. Remember this though, only about ten years after Revere's ride the Americans scrapped their new government and started over. The system of government that the colonists tumbled out of bed to fight for was not what they were looking for. It was easier though for them to fix a government they controlled rather than an oppressive one that would consolidate its' power and increase its' grip on the daily lives of the people. Perhaps we are in the same situation.

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