Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bloody irony.

President Barack Obama has lifted the ban on Federal funds being used overseas to promote or provide abortions. The ban, often referred to as the Mexico City Policy, was first put in place by Ronald Reagan. It was lifted by Bill Clinton and reinstated by George W. Bush. Most of the funding for abortion counseling and provision will be directed at third world countries.

President Obama's action is not surprising given his previous pro-death record concerning the unborn. It is a bit ironic though. A man who stated on the campaign trail that determination of the unborn's right to life was above his pay grade has now determined that they have no right to life. Was his pay grade raised? Perhaps. Was he simply lying to avoid a difficult question? More likely.

I find the lifting of the ban by America's first black president to be somewhat fascinating, much like watching a car wreck take place. To see any minority promoting any type of pro-abortion agenda is enough to warm the heart of ethnic cleansing proponents such as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

In America today, blacks make up approximately 13 percent of the population. They account for 33 percent of abortions performed. Some sources estimate that one in two black babies are killed in the womb. The majority of abortion clinics are located in either black or Hispanic neighborhoods. The two ethnic groups together account for over half of all abortions performed in the United States.

Sanger would be thrilled were she still alive. As a proponent of eugenics, she agreed with Adolf Hitler about the weaker races and the need to cull them. However, she thought that he was too broad in his scope and too brutal in his methods. The current situation fixes that problem. Rather than round up the minorities, let them gradually kill themselves off. After all, if it's their idea, who are whites to argue?

All in all, the entire situation is incredibly sad. It does beg one question though. Since President Obama is apparently now pulling down enough to make determinations regarding the life and death of the unborn, just how much is he being paid to be one of the top white supremacists in America today?


Lynore said...

i'm sorry but as a woman, I don't think you have any right to determine whether or not a woman decides to have an abortion.

Abortion is a CHOICE, a moral choice. The ban prevented women from THIRD WORLD countries a CHOICE.

It is very simple-minded to think that by allowing abortions or funneling funds for clinics, that women will run out in droves to irresonsibly have abortions.

I bet you'd be all for money funneled into low-cost breast implants.

Spiff said...

Interesting take. I especially appreciate the very intellegent wrap-up sentence.

I would have to say that as a human I do have the right (perhaps the duty?) to call murder murder, regardless of where it takes place. My gender has no bearing on whether or not I am allowed to comment on moral issues. No more so than if I claim you did not have the right to comment on police corruption if you are not an officer.

Additionally, regardless of my gender, my tax dollars are being used for this. That gives me the right to offer my opinion.

I would agree with you that abortion is a choice. So are school shootings, drive-by shootings, and bar fight stabbings. Just because they, and abortion, are choices does not mean that there is not a right and wrong choice.

The killing of an innocent human being is wrong. I didn't determine that, it's been true long before my time.

I think that it is very simple-minded to discount a person's position just because of their gender. It is equally simple-minded to assume that just because of a person's gender that they are obsessed with the oposite gender's body.

Lynore said...

you wrote: The killing of an innocent human being is wrong. I didn't determine that, it's been true long before my time.

Believe me, I won't blog stalk you...but I felt the need to respond once more.

Your post was brimming with judgement. I heard not ONE solution.

Are you for taking that money and using it for condom distribution, safe sex education, low-cost pelvic exams and STD care? Those are the menu items that are most utilized from Planned Parenthood facilities. They have also been responsible for saving women's lives by finding low-cost or no-cost mammograms.

What about "deaths" in war? Is that "justifiable" murder, in your opinion?

I'm far more concerned about the (ever-growing) $589,955,057,908 cost of war we are in. What about the lives lost there? Do you consider those deaths murder? I'm curious.

Perhaps if you had written about money being shipped to countries in general were upsetting to you --but to single out Planned Parenthood and abortions, you are making a gender-specific statement.

I don't know if your stats on which race/ethnicity are getting abortions are true, but if they are, perhaps it's because of a myriad of socio/economic factors, not genocide.

I think children in abusive situation, in unsafe foster homes, on the streets, starving, beaten -- those are far worse consequences that ultimately, we all pay for.

Spiff said...

Guess I'll take your reply one point at a time.

My post wasn't brimming with judgement, I was merely commenting on what the President of the United States was doing with my money. If that's judgemental then so is your orginal comment which states your opinion of mine. While I noted that your original post was very judgemental I also noted no solutions presented by yourself.

I think that if the money was responsibly used to educate women (and men) that would be a very viable solution. The education needs to be inclusive though. Too often organizations such as Planned Parenthood do not include abstenince in their education programs. Don't tell me it won't work, it did for me for 27 years. The funds could also be used to support women in difficult pregnancies and to facilitate adoption.

War isn't murder. Hard to believe that you can't see the difference between an armed soldier and an unborn baby in it's mother's womb.

My stats are correct.

I am also concerned about the abused and neglected children who will impact society as a result of their upbringing or lack thereof. The solution is not too kill them though.