Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book review - Uncommon Sense.

Cal Thomas' 278 page book Uncommon Sense was published in 1990. It is subtitled as "A Layman's Briefing Book on the Issues." The book is divided into three major sections. Within each section are several issues sections that consists of a briefing on each issue and a collection of Cal's commentaries on each. An introduction and prologue start and finish the book.

While some of the issues are dated, the principles and concepts that Mr. Thomas discusses are not. Cal lays out a brief history of each issue and presents a road map of where he thinks we should head from that point. It is very interesting to see just how correct he has been in the last 19 years as far as the dangers of mishandling the issues facing America. It is also a spur to correct, if possible, some of the mistakes that we as a nation have made. As far as the issues that are still open, the book is a nice call to action in those areas.

In spite of the time lapse between the publication of the book and now Uncommon Sense is still very relevant. I give two thumbs up to this concise and engaging volume.

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