Thursday, April 22, 2010

Responding to a challenge: Five things in my wardrobe that I wouldn't be without.

Writing this in response to Here are the rules from Pierre's blog:

Title your post- Meme: Five things in my wardrobe that I wouldn't be without. [Edit: Since this is a blog title, please use proper capitalization. Thank you.]
Tell us who linked you.
List your 5 wardrobe items.
Paste these rules at the bottom.
Tag 2 or 3 others to join in the fun!

So I broke the title one. Told you who asked me to do this. Wrote the list. Pasted the rules. Gonna have to break the last one. I know, it'll break the chain and bring me bad luck. I like to live on the edge though.


Pierre Bellville said...

"1. Underwear - I am not Jesse Ventura. I don't go commando. Pierre does though. Check his list. See underwear? Didn't think so."

Well, I could only choose 5 (so I did 6, but you snuck an extra one in too!). Nevertheless, I'd still rather have scarves since, with the right knot, I suppose they could make a nice substitute. I'd rather wear a scarf as underwear than underwear as a scarf any day... ;)

Spiff said...

Depends on the underwear.

Pierre Bellville said...

Depends on the scarf too!