Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sean Hannity is uninformed - at least on one issue.

While driving today I had the radio on and tuned into the local talk station. Sean Hannity was on and caught my attention. He was getting pretty wound. Apparently Sean doesn't care for the GOP's response to the recent primary upsets.

In particular Hannity mentioned Christine O'Donnell's defeat of Mike Castle in Delaware and Carl Paladino's downing of Rick Lazio in New York. Several high-ranking Republican officials - including Karl Rove - had expressed their dissatisfaction with the outcomes of the elections. Rumors are flying that the GOP will not support their nominees since the conservative beat out the moderates.

Hannity was livid over this possibility. He claimed that he had never heard of such a thing and that it is unimaginable that the party will not support their nominees. He complained about Republicans "eating their own" and was very clear in his displeasure.

I don't really know anything about O'Donnell or Paladino. I do know that Sean Hannity is out of touch when it comes to this topic. Liberal and moderate Republicans have been expecting support in the general from conservatives for a long time. They have also been unwilling to return the favor. Hasn't Hannity ever heard of Tim Shallenburger? An excellent example of the double standard.

Shallenburger ran as a conservative in the 2002 Kansas Republican gubernatorial primary. He beat several moderates to win the nomination. Term-limited sitting GOP governor Bill Graves had crushed his Democratic opponents in both of his elections. Shallenburger looked to be the next governor. Then it happened. Liberal and moderate Republicans jumped ship. Claiming that the GOP nominee was too conservative they flocked to Democrat Kathleen Sebelius' banner. Not just the rank and file either. Governor Graves refused to endorse Shallenburger. His Lieutenant Governor endorsed Sebelius. Various Republican leaders followed suit. Sebelius handily beat Shallenburger to become governor. Of course she wouldn't even serve out her first term as she moved to Washington to assist President Obama with healthcare reform.

So you see Sean Hannity, GOP backstabbing has been going on for awhile and with some dire consequences. Some of the same geniuses who betrayed Shallenburger are now crying for the repeal of Obama's healthcare plan. I doubt not that the same type of thing will now happen in Delaware and New York. More of the same Sean, welcome to what those of us in flyover country have been experiencing for years.


Pierre Bellville said...

Didn't know Kansas had 6+ year gubernatorial terms... ;0)

Spiff said...

My mistake. She didn't serve out her full two terms. Sebelius won in 2002 and won reelection in 2006. This year was an election year as well. Four-year terms and she left mid-way through the second one.