Sunday, December 26, 2010

Book review - Days of Infamy.

Days of Infamy opens just minutes after Pearl Harbor ends and picks up the story without a hitch. Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen are back at their excellent work in this 369 page book that was published in 2008.

Following up on the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor the United States still has two carrier groups out to sea. What those carrier groups do and how the Japanese navy deals with it are the story in this book. By the time this book opens there is little left in common with actual history. That matters little though since the book is well-written and very believable. Momentarily forgetting that it isn't the actual account is easy as the events of the book unfold.

Once again the narrative is delivered to the reader through the eyes and thoughts of those involved on both sides. America has been hit and hard but she isn't down and definitely not out. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto knows this as he races to try and entrap the elusive American carriers. Now that the ball is rolling he feels that he has no option but to keep it going.

Equally determined is the American Navy and Admiral Halsey. Japan has the edge and momentum going in but the result is far from a sure thing. The U.S.N. is out for blood and revenge. Someone is going to pay for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and soon.

Much like Pearl Harbor this book is a very fast read. Just as before I finished it in a little more than a day. The style and quality of the writing make it easy to read. The story reaching out and grabbing the reader makes the reading urgent. Days of Infamy is a book you won't want to put down until you regretfully finish the last page.

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