Monday, October 01, 2012

Book review - Sixty Feet, Six Inches.

Lonnie Wheeler's Sixty Feet, Six Inches is a frank 273 page discussion between Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson. At closer range than the actual distance from the mound to home, the two cover game situations, playing philosophy, great players, umpires, and cheating among other topics.

I found the book to be interesting and informative. The format is relatively unedited with no commentary by Wheeler. If Gibby or Reggie didn't say it, it isn't in here. The effect is a bit like being a fly on the wall while the two greats talk. The book is broken down by topic so it can be read a little at a time if needed.

As I read through the book I found myself learning much about baseball, Gibson, and Jackson. Think Willie Mays was the toughest hitter Gibson ever faced? Think again. Think Jackson didn't care what his teammates thought of him? Wrong. Who's most in favor of free agency and the player's union? Who would be most likely to have used steroids if they had been available when they were playing? The answers might surprise you.

If you're a baseball fan you owe it to yourself to read Sixty Feet, Six Inches. Lonnie Wheeler has compiled a classic and it's a must read.

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