Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Book review - Civil War Curiosities.

One of the things I enjoy about Christmas is the infusion of fresh material into my book collection. Most of the time my family does well with their selections. Webb Garrison's Civil War Curiosities is an example of such a selection.

Published in 1994, this 266 page volume is not an in depth study of the American Civil War. It's not even a close look at any one aspect of the war. What it is though is a highly entertaining collection of information, quotes, and stories that bring the war to life and might even surprise you.

Garrison structures the book in five parts. Each part contains several chapters. As an example, part one is entitled Memorable Players in the Nation's Greatest Drama. It contains three chapters: Lincoln and Davis started out less than one hundred miles apart, Famous - or soon to be, and Never say die. Each chapter contains numerous paragraphs detailing glimpses behind the scenes of the war. An index at the back of the book allows the reader to look up any person, battle, or topic mentioned.

Garrison presents his material in an engaging and informative way. He also refuses to bow to the god of political correctness. For that reason I recommend giving Civil War Curiosities a read. No matter if you are a Civil War buff, someone new to the topic, or just looking for a good read, you will not be disappointed.

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