Saturday, March 02, 2013

Book review - Those Who Love.

Irving Stone's 1965 book Those Who Love was recommended to me by Mrs. Spiff. I finally got around to reading it and must admit I found it interesting. Billing itself as a biographical novel of Abigail and John Adams, the book tends to focus on Abigail.

Beginning on the day John and Abigail first met, the reader is drawn into their personal story. Outside events come into play only as they effect, or are taken notice of by, the Adamses. Of course, Abigail was one of the best educated and informed women of her time so she was well aware of outside events and their portents. She also frequently helped John work through the issues of the day in his mind and compose his writings and speeches. John famously called her his ballast and the reader of this book can see why.

While there are no footnotes I found the book to be historically accurate. I did find myself wishing for footnotes at least twice while reading particularly interesting conversations Abigail was involved in. A bibliography in the back explains where certain material was gleaned and is an unusual find in a novel.

All in all I enjoyed Those Who Love. It did drag a time or two but generally moved on with ease and interest. Abigail Adams profits greatly at Mr. Stone's hands. If you are familiar with John Adams or are interested in influential women in history this book should be on your to read list.

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