Friday, August 23, 2013

Book review - Tales of Old-Time Texas.

J. Frank Dobie's 310 page book, Tales of Old-Time Texas was published in 1955. The book is a collection of stories on various topics occurring in Texas up through the late 1880's.

The book starts off with several tales that are likely true but soon moves into tall tales and wild yarns. My favorite account was the telling of the Wild Woman of the Navidad - likely based on true accounts.

Usually Mr. Dobie introduces a new topic by explaining the type of story to be told and giving a little background of how he collected the account he relates. If he has the story in original writing he reproduces it in the body of his work.

Tales of Old-Time Texas is a quick and enjoyable read but not necessarily an informative one at all times. A few of the accounts probably took place, at least in some form. Most are likely just whoppers created by Texans in an attempt to top other similar stories. If the you keep that in mind while reading Dobie's work, you will find it entertaining and humorous.

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