Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney on the rebound.

Well, Mitt Romney won Michigan and Wyoming. That puts him back in the running and actually gives him more delegates at this point than either Huckabee or McCain. Boy am I glad to see Romney win one. He is really my second choice but neither Huckabee nor McCain are my first. I was fearing that they would be able to knock him out of the race without ever facing him in a true GOP primary. That would have been bothersome and might have destroyed the party.

With a possible recession looming I really don't think we need the liberal fiscal policies of Mike Huckabee. I don't doubt that he is a good man and means well but he is not a conservative on fiscal matters. He is a populist. If folks would just look at what he is saying and advocating I think the conservatives who are supporting him would have to jump ship. Sadly the Republicans seem to be following the Democrats by judging a candidate solely on his personality and likability rather than by the whole package.

Of course McCain isn't a conservative and doesn't really claim to be. He wins by drawing in the moderates, Dems, and Independents. That will end when he gets into the closed primary states. Hopefully his chances at the nomination will end there as well.

I have several questions and concerns about Romney but none to the level of McCain or Huckabee. While I wouldn't just go wild about him he is the one of the three who have won to this point that I feel most comfortable with.

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