Saturday, January 19, 2008

Voting in Charleston.

Well, South Carolina is in the process of conducting their Republican primary as I write. I am concerned to say the least. South Carolina has never really bothered me before because they are generally pretty conservative. It seems like this time though things are a bit different.

McCain has gained traction there that he never got in 2000 and Huckabee is riding high on a wave of evangelicals and homeschoolers who are emotionally tied to him. The true Reagan conservative (read: Fred Thompson) is fighting with Romney for third in the most recent polls. Fred does seem to be moving up though and I hope that even if he doesn't win he will stay in. Richard Land seems to think that evangelicals are waking up and taking another look at Huckabee and are switching to Thompson. This could account for some of the upward movement. Of course, if Fred can't afford to stay in then all the second looks at Huck could be for naught. Evangelicals and homeschoolers could find themselves out in the cold when they realize that Huckabee is not a conservative and could lay some very dangerous groundwork if elected.

As one who considers himself to be an evangelical and was homeschooled from second grade through highschool I find the Huckabee movement to be somewhat confusing. Sure the man is pro-life and pro-homeschool. I'll also give him his profession of faith and classify him as sincere and well-meaning. All that makes his misunderstanding of the U.S. Constitution, big government views, and lack of straight talk even more concerning. Sure he means well. Equally sure is that he will grow the government and make it even more intrusive than it already is. Ok, so he is a good man of faith. Who will take over from him and how will they use the machinery that he has put into place?

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