Monday, May 31, 2010

Book Review - Autobiography.

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography runs 235 pages in the 1923 edition that I read. It is an inside look at Franklin's early life from his perspective. Well, maybe his perspective. With Benjamin Franklin you can never be sure, he may have been writing what he thought people would want to read.

Dr. Franklin never finished his Autobiography. The book ends at the firing of colonial Governor Denny by the proprietaries of Pennsylvania. It still gives a fascinating look at Franklin's rise from poverty to the renown which most associate with him. Of course there is also the man's personality and belief system peeking out through the pages.

The Autobiography is referred to in any major book about Benjamin Franklin. For that reason alone it should be read by anyone interested in this founding father. As an added bonus it is well written and gives an insightful look into the formation of one of the leading personalities of the revolutionary era. A recommended read for anyone wanting to meet Benjamin Franklin.

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