Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book review - Six Secrets of the Christian Life.

Recently picked up a copy of Six Secrets of the Christian Life by the late Zane Hodges. I had read several of Hodges' books on a couple of other topics and enjoyed them so I looked forward to reading this book. I am always a little leery of books that purport to show some magic formula for instant success in living. Knowing how Zane wrote I doubted this was the case but decided to keep an eye open anyway.

In the 75 pages of this small book Hodges shares what he feels are six important concepts regarding victorious Christian living. There are no quick fixes and no snappy slogans. What is shared are down to earth Biblical principles. In fact, most believers probably already know at least one or two, if not more, of the "secrets" outlined. There is really very little earth-shattering information here. Instead Zane clearly shows from Scripture how to move towards a more Christ-like life. I found the book to be challenging and helpful.

At the end of the book there is a helpful index of the passages cited. This is very helpful in re-enforcing that Hodges' is not out on his own here but is drawing what he says from Scripture. That is crucial in determining if he is on the right track or not. It seems that he is. Six Secrets of the Christian Life is a thought provoking read that I highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves struggling in their Christian walk.


Pierre Bellville said...

So what are the secrets?

Spiff said...

1. It is a miracle of the resurrection.
2. It is a miracle of transformation.
3. It is our coming to be in experience what we already are in our innermost being.
4. It is living with our hearts open to God's truth.
5. It is an answer to our prayers.
6. It is the product of a spiritual mindset.