Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book review - Hebrews: The Journey of Faith.

Hebrews: The Journey of Faith is a 93 page book by Zane Hodges. The book was released by Victor Street Bible Chapel in 2010.

Having read several of Hodges' books in the past I was expecting the usual well-written exposition on a topic or book - in this case Hebrews. This book is not that. Instead it is a transcript of several messages that Zane delivered to a church in 1983. As as result the style is much different than that Hodges uses in his writing. The discussion is much more informal and uses many more illustrations. I found the difference to be enjoyable. I appreciate Hodges' writing style but I never had the opportunity to hear him preach. This book delivers his style and substance well.

In addition to the format I also found the topic to be of interest. Zane obviously comes from the viewpoint that the book of Hebrews is written to believers and deals with the need to walk according to the calling of Jesus. As such he touches on the reasons for doing so and the warnings against falling away. In particular I found his discussions of Hebrews 6:7-8 and 10:28-31 to be of great interest.

Hodges' sermons were well done and an enjoyable read. The message was easy to follow and the passages used were clearly given. There were a few scattered footnotes explaining some of Zane's illustrations and quotes. These notes were helpful. The book did lack any kind of appendix of passages cited. Such a listing would be helpful for future reference.

All in all I highly recommend Hebrews: The Journey of Faith for anyone who has any interest in Hebrews and would like an overview of the book and its message.

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